Our Services

We offer a wide range of mental health and substance abuse services that focus on solution-oriented therapies.
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Community Based Care

Our services are accessible, integrated, and culturally competent.​

  • Assertive Community Treatment (ACT)
  • Full-Service Partnerships (FSP)
  • Case Management / Care Coordination
  • Prevention / Early Intervention

Recovery & Wellness

Recovery and Wellness: Our programs instill hope, self-responsibility, empowerment and meaningful roles.​​

Flexibility & Customized Service

We do whatever it takes to assist participants on their road to Recovery.


Evidence Based Practices& Outcomes Driven Services

Our outcomes are demonstrating reduced hospitalizations (psychiatric and medical), improved quality of life and experience of care, among others.


    We use electronic health records, telepsychiatry, online access in the field, and more.

    Comprehensive & Collaborative Teams

    Therapists, Service Coordinators, Nurses, Psychiatrists, Co-Occurring Specialists, Housing Specialists, Education & Employment Specialists, Benefits Specialists, & Peer Mentors, among others.

    Integrated & Coordinated Care

    We engage in collaborative partnerships with a wide array of providers, including healthcare and behavioral health, inpatient and outpatient services, facility based and community based care settings.

      School-Based Services

      In schools our services include teacher training, individual counseling, logical consequence training, anger management training, gang awareness, & drug and alcohol abuse prevention.

      Substance Abuse Services

      We provide services in home & community settings especially for clients with drug or alcohol abuse problems. We utilize peer contracts, treatment group processes, and a commitment to sobriety.

      All Available Services

      • Outreach & Engagement
      • Assessment & Evaluation
      • Benefits Acquisition & Utilization Analysis​
      • Client-Centered Treatment & Service Planning
      • Intensive Case Management
      • Mental Health Counseling
      • ​Psychiatry, Medication Monitoring & Education
      • Telepsychiatry
      • Substance Abuse Services
      • Healthcare Coordination
      • Socialization Activities
      • Supported Housing, Employment & Education
      • Daily Living & Coping Skill Building
      • Peer Support and Peer Led Groups
      • Evidence Based Practices

      Our Approach to Exceptional Care

      We take the time to listen and understand your needs.

      We pair you with a provider.

      We diagnose and develop a plan together to help you reach your goals.

      We provide continuous support through regular check-ins with your provider.

      We'd love to speak with you.

      We make getting care fast, easy, and personalized. Apply using the button below to get the process started.

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